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CNC Plastics Machining

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... disadvantages!

Plastics have limitations

While plastics can be extremely useful, they have their limitations. 

Plastics can deteriorate over time. Most plastics are composed of a super long chain of atoms bound together to form molecules. As soon as the plastic is molded or formed, that long chain begins to break down (polymer degradation). Sunlight can greatly accelerate this process. 

Plastics can also deform under higher temperatures or even emit poisonous fumes when overheated. They are also unsuited for applications involving high loads. Some, such as polycarbonate, are prone to failure if exposed to hydrocarbons or other chemicals. 

PVC is connected to dioxin production during manufacture, while ABS degrades or dissolves when exposed to acetone and is extremely flammable when exposed to high temperatures.  

Materials such as Acrylic can be brittle. Many plastics are unstable and warp over time. Also, plastics have a high coefficient of expansion (up to 10 times that of aluminum, for example). 

In a nutshell, plastics have many advantages as well as some disadvantages. We at Cambridge Precision can help you decide when it's appropriate to use plastic or if other materials would serve the application better.

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