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Cost Reduction (cont.)

Increase quantity to substantially reduce cost per part. †† As quantity goes up, price comes down due to amortizing set up time over more parts.

Use the loosest applicable tolerance.Tight tolerances are expensive. Loosen tolerance to save money.

Use common and simple finishes.Avoid multiple finishes. Use a material that does not require an extra finish process.

Convert single complex parts into multiple simpler parts that are bolted, welded, or press fit together.†† For example, to create a large disk with a thin rod protruding from the center make the disk and rod separately. To do it in one piece requires starting with a large piece of material and might use much more material than making the rod and disk separately.

Tap holes no deeper than 2-1/2 to 3 times the diameter when the hole and bolt are the same material.†† Deeper adds no strength and can greatly increase cost.

Consider geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.†† Not everybody uses GD&T, but itís a good communication tool for working with manufacturers. Most CAD systems now support this universal symbolic language, and it can answer questions from your manufacturer before they arise. It ensures quality, preventing interferences and other product failures that might not have shown up during prototyping and simulation.

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